Cal-Am Resorts COVID-19 Message

Dear Residents & Guests:

We hope this message finds you safe and sane this summer during these unprecedented times. More than ever, together, we understand the difficulty of staring at the same four walls, many of us without face-to-face interaction with family, friends, and loved ones. Since the pandemic reached our resorts and required us to close many amenities to comply with local laws and guidelines, Cal-Am has been working diligently on a plan to welcome you and your friends back. Our goal is to open nearly all indoor and outdoor activities and amenities that have become our trademark, with a focus on the number one priority, your health and safety all within the guidelines of local, state, and federal authorities.

In order to do this, Cal-Am has maintained our team and staffing levels during this extremely uncertain time, while committing to an increased investment in the areas of cleaning and sanitation, property layout and physical distancing, technology, equipment, and activities. All of these new protocols are an effort to make your upcoming visit as enjoyable as ever, although admittedly a bit different than usual. Cal-Am is uniquely positioned with our bountiful outdoor amenities and space to be one of the best and safest options to socially distance with family and friends this upcoming winter season. We write to you today to share some of the things we have done, and are doing to re-imagine your visit while not compromising the fun you’ve come to expect from our Cal-Am resorts!

  • Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitation: We have secured additional cleaning equipment and supplies, including portable electrostatic state of the art sprayers for daily use, and are implementing heightened cleaning protocols across the resorts. Hand sanitizer will be made available for residents, guests, and employees use at most resort locations (within supply constraints).
  • Physical Distancing: We are implementing physical distancing measures across the resorts which will reduce capacity for certain amenities and activities. We are adding appropriate signage to guide physical distancing in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines. In an effort to make up for reduced capacity, we will be expanding certain events into larger areas, increasing the number of events, and/or staggering attendance.
  • Limited-Contact Technological and Physical Enhancements: We are implementing new technological and physical enhancements to the check-in process, food services, and certain activities to provide safer experiences while maintaining exceptional service. This will enhance your stay and some will carry on long after the pandemic.
  • Enhanced Protective Measures: We will require face coverings, and may implement temperature checks as appropriate, for both employees and residents for all indoor events and certain close contact outdoor events and areas. This is for the safety of all as we have listened to your concerns and want everyone to feel safe at any event.

We understand that all residents and guests have been impacted differently by the pandemic. We understand our Canadian friends are not currently able to enter the United States by land and are hopeful that this restriction will be lifted then, and the border will open before the season gets underway.

Please know that our entire team will continue to work extremely hard to provide many new and exciting activities and services to add to the experience you have come to know and love. We will continue to provide you additional details regarding what to expect for each amenity and activity, while understanding our plans must remain fluid as we look to provide as many opportunities for fun as possible during an ever evolving pandemic. We all are wishing for a cure, vaccine, or other news providing hope about an end to the pandemic, but until then we remain laser focused on delivering the service you have grown accustomed to.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you again and invite you back for another fantastic season!