COVID-19 Update regarding large groups

Hello Friends!

We are so excited to see the temperatures dropping, but we are even more excited that you are returning to be with us at your beautiful Arizona home. We appreciate you all and the choice you made to return to Arizona. You are our number one concern!

Based on the overwhelming awareness coming from so many of you through emails, phone calls, letters and personal conversations at your resorts, we want you to know that we have been listening and striving to create a safer living environment this season for everyone. We have obligations to staff, volunteers, and guests to do our best to stay safer. Cal-Am continuously monitors all government mandates and are aware of the recent increase in Covid-19 numbers. Accordingly, for this season 2020-2021, we will not be permitting large outside groups into our resort, including “resort to resort” between Cal-Am Properties. We believe this to be the best option at this time, to keep our residents and RV guests safer. With that said, personal guests will be allowed into the resort in limited numbers as long as they are with you at all times and follow all protocols.

We know you have made friends through the years with larger groups from other Cal-Am properties. We all value those wonderful friends and relationships. Clearly these are unprecedented times and while we have no desire to be the “nanny state,” let’s make the focus this season a time to get to know new friends at the resorts where you live! The great news is, we have plenty of residents and guests at your resort who would love to get to know you (at a proper social distance of course); whether it be at the pool, the patio, or enjoying many of the sports and hobbies that are offered at your resort. There are so many new faces to get to know. Why not make it a goal to meet a new friend each day at your resort home? Additionally, your Activities Department has worked in preparation to make this a fun and active season for you all, while being mindful of the current situation the world is experiencing.

With things ever-changing we will of course periodically reevaluate this decision. We value your ideas, suggestions and opinions. Please know we do care and thank you for honoring all of the policies and direction we have put into place to keep us all safer, our guests and employees. As ready as we all are to get past this and return to “normal”, your health continues to be our primary focus. Please wear your mask, if not to protect you to protect those around you. Please respect those around you by always wearing your mask. We will all celebrate together when this is a safer world.

We all thank you so much. We truly are all in this together.

Sincerely, Cal-Am Properties Management